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Beginners Guide to Consumer Circularity 

This guide is intended for beginners to understand the complexities of making our clothing consumption less harmful and lowering planetry impact.


We have used the first 7 points of the waste hierachy to illustrate how we can lower the harmful impacts of consumer behaviour.

Best of all, its completely free!

At NuMoon Design Agency, we believe that fashion should not only be stylish and expressive but also sustainable and environmentally conscious.


Our circular design hub is a creative space where innovation and circularity converge to shape the future of fashion.

With a deep commitment to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy, we embrace the philosophy of "less is more."


By reimagining the lifecycle of clothing, we strive to break away from the linear model and introduce circularity at the heart of our designs.


By doing so, we not only reduce our ecological footprint but also encourage our customers to join us in making a positive impact on our planet.

Welcome to NuMoon Design Agency – where fashion meets sustainability, and where every thread connects us to a more beautiful world.

What We Do

We are not just another apparel design agency; we are a symbol of responsible design, ethical production, and a deep-rooted commitment to both the people who wear our garments and the planet we all call home. We envision a future where functional workwear and sportswear are not only exceptional in performance but also serve as a beacon of sustainability and responsibility in the fashion industry.

Our Clients

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