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At NuMoon, our ethos is firmly rooted in transparency and authenticity. We've experienced the frustration of greenwashing in large organisations, where the emphasis is placed more on marketing themselves as environmentally friendly than on genuinely minimising their environmental impact. We understand that greenwashing is a marketing gimmick used by companies to exaggerate their eco-friendly actions, and we are committed to being the antithesis of this practice.


Jo and Soudi have launched NuMoon, a fully circular innovation agency focused on sportswear apparel and workwear. As pioneers in circular design, Jo and Soudi are revolutionizing the textiles industry by keeping materials in use through optimising circular practice to extend the lifecycle of each garment.

NuMoon ethical and regenerative practice set a new standard for responsible sourcing, while creating next-level sportswear, workwear and accessories. By completely reimagining fhe supply chain, NuMoon design agency proves that exceptional style co-exists with truly ethical practice.


NuMoon is founded on the principles of circularity, ensuring no waste is created during the design and manufacturing process. From recycled fabrics to using clever pattern cutting, every step adheres to cradle-to-cradle thinking.

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