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The fuzzy area of "take-back schemes,

HNY from NuMoon Design Agency!

With Christmas and New Year done, which was all about reconnecting with loved ones and taking a breather to reflect on the year, I’m getting back into work mode and diving into the world of circularity.

I've been digging into the fuzzy area of "take-back schemes," which seems to be a bit of a puzzle when it comes to closing the loop. Many clothing companies are doing cool things like reducing, repairing, remaking, renting, recovering, and recycling. But, you know what? We still have a load of unwanted stuff ending up in landfills. So, where's the issue?

This morning, while lounging in bed with my coffee and laptop, I came across a gem of a PDF from called "Retailer-clothing-take-back-guide." It's like the ultimate guide for retailers, brands, and anyone into re-use and recycling. It covers all sorts of things:

  • Why it matters

  • Tips for getting the word out

  • How people donate

  • Where folks in the UK are donating

  • Insights into UK Citizen Donations

  • Different take-back schemes

  • Getting into partnerships (commercial, charity, your own take-back)

  • Online re-use and recycling apps

  • Retail landlord-led initiatives

  • Picking what suits your business

  • Practical tips for running a scheme

  • Dealing with unwanted items

And a lot more. Seriously, it's a goldmine. If you're into this stuff, give it a read. You can find it here: Link to the PDF.

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