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The Sustainable Splurge

My £500 Winter Coat and the Price Per Wear Principle

I still remember splurging on that coat - my expensive (for my income level) £500 winter jacket from my days living in a cold Dutch town. But believe me, that coat got worn hard for a full decade! And keeping price per wear (PPW) math in mind, it turned out to be well worth the initial investment.

The Chilly Reality

My first winter in Holland was brutally icy. But coats that could withstand the frigid temps, biting wind, and snow tended to come with eye-watering price tags. Most options in my budget weren’t quite cut out for the 6-month deep freeze ahead.

Doing the Math on Durability

Faced with the choice to barely scrape by with cheaper inadequate coats or splurge on a seriously durable winter high end design, I opted for the latter. Price tag aside, I imagined spreading the cost over 10+ winters which softened the blow. £500 divided by a decade of use resulted in £50 annually - a small price for reliable warmth.

Built to Last By Design

And did that coat deliver! The thigh-length cut, real goose down filling, and protective outer fabric held up to my daily commute waiting from trams and freezing without issue. Unlike fast fashion, you could feel the quality construction in every detail meant to last. Staying classic, the coat never felt outdated either.

The Takeaway: Elevate Investment Pieces

That coat taught me the value in elevating essentials over trendy disposables. While no one wants break the bank on their closet, focusing on design, material quality, and craftsmanship that endures makes sense for key staple pieces. Viewed through a price per wear lens, a higher upfront cost translates to better daily value in the long run.

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